Solar Power Tracy

Eliminate Your Electric Bill!

Save by getting a solar power system installed on your Tracy home.

Solar Power Tracy

Solar panels in Tracy are becoming more affordable for everyday homeowners. 4th Degree Solar is very familiar with the layout of Tracy and which way the sun positions itself during the different seasons of the year. We have installed solar panels in Tracy already for our clients in the area. Once you make the decision to go solar, the process is simple. We will guide you each step of the way while making sure to keep you up to date with your residential solar panel installation.

How much does a solar system in Tracy cost?

Beginning in 2018 the average price per kWh in Tracy was 15.59¢/kWh. This average is actually a bit higher than the average for all of California of 15.34¢/kWh. Most system sizes in Tracy are around 6-7 kilowatts (6000 – 7000 watts), which brings the average cost of a solar panel system in Tracy to $17,150 before any rebates or incentives.