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  Give us a call (559) 909-9684
Find out if your property is eligible to make the switch to solar 
and save this summer in 2018!
Find out if your property is eligible to make the switch to solar and save this summer in 2018!
Over 10+ years of experience housed under one roof
Focused on getting you the best price and equipment
We focus on education first and installations last
Top 3 Reasons To Go Solar
Below are the top three reasons why millions of Americans have made the switch to solar
Saving Money
Saving money is probably the #1 reason people decide to make the switch. Our clients usually see savings of $44 to $180 per month.
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Todays electricity is usually produced by burning copious amounts of coal. By switching to solar power you are helping to reduce pollution.
Freedom From Your Utility Provider
If you don't have solar you're still subject to the volatility of rising electricity costs from traditional energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas. As these limited resources diminish the cost will only increase.
Why 4th Degree Solar
What separates 4th Degree Solar from all the other solar installers in Visalia | Tracy | Patterson is our responsibility to provide the best experience possible for each and every client of ours. From start to finish you will know exactly what is going on. We only suggest solar for homeowners when it makes sense! Prior to getting our clients setup with Solar, we make sure that they are saving every penny possible through efficient energy use. We're not happy until you're happy!
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Our Company
4th Degree Solar is a local solar energy company with operations in Visalia, Patterson, and Tracy. We were founded with the belief that clean renewable energy should be accessible to all. 
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