It depends on your utility usage and roof space. If you have enough roof space and utility usage we will design a system for you that will meet your entire usage. We can also easily install a smaller system now and add on more solar modules (panels) later. Because some costs are fixed such as design and permitting, the smallest system we can install is 10 solar panels which is around 6,200$ after applying the Federal Tax Credit.

More solar panels equals more savings. Your month-to-month savings are based on your electric rate, for most people in Tulare County it is currently $0.35/kwh in the top rated tier. For this rate, each panel will generate close to $123 of electricity per year; for 10 panels you will save around $1230 per year.

Here are some links depending on who your utility provider is: SCE: Southern California Edison PG&E: Pacific Gas and Electricity

On average, our time from contract to utility Permission to Interconnect (PTO) is 30 - 45 days. It may seem long, but that is actually very fast! The first step is to get a building permit which usually takes about a week. Once we receive permit we will schedule your installation and will be working for 2 days to install the system. After installation, PG&E & SCE usually take about 15 days to complete the interconnection of your system to their utility grid. Because we are local, we can keep delays to a minimum and work around your schedule. We're more than happy to give you plenty of local references from homeowners who made the decision to go solar with us and were quickly installed and operating.

PACE is Property Assessed Clean Energy. It is a new financial program that includes your solar loan payments into your property tax payments. There is a great PACE program for homeowners who live in Tulare County. The main advantages of PACE financing: 1. Most homeowners with equity in their home and no recent bankruptcies qualify for PACE financing (no FICO credit score minimums). 2. Interest on PACE is tax deductible, much like a home equity loan. 3. If you well your home the remaining payments are automatically passed through to the new property owner (no "catches" or "hooks" like a solar lease) 4. Applying for PACE is easy! No applications fees and 4th Degree Solar works.

Back when solar panels and associated equipment was more expensive, the only viable options for customers was with long-term financing. Leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) were innovations at the time because they helped customers spread out their loan over 15 - 20+ years. The downfall with this is that you are committed to making these lease payments for the entire term and are unable to get out unless you pay the full residual cost of the solar system. Now system costs have gone down so much, long term payment options are not necessary to have a solar system on your roof. For more information on PPAs and solar leases, please check out:

Your accountant will tell you the best way to finance a solar system is with cash. With cash, you will realize your Return on Investment sooner than you would via lease or PPA. An example, over the 25 year life of the system with a six year payback, your ROI is 17% and will cost around $40000. With a lease or PPA, your costs over 25 years will be around $65000 for the lease and electricity payments since you do not actually own the electricity being produced. If you are not planning on staying in your home for 15 years, you should think twice about leasing a solar system, since termination costs will be the full residual cost of the solar system

Solar systems for your roof do not have moving parts and are very reliable because of that. 4th Degree Solar provides a comprehensive Extended Service Plan through SST Home. All major components have a 25 year warranty covers both parts and replacement labor. You don't have to worry about maintenance because there basically and if a problem does occur 4th Degree Solar will take care of it.

The more sun your roof gets, the more electricity you will produce. Composition shingles are the easiest roofs on which we can install solar panels. Concrete tile, metal and flat rooftops are a bit more complicated, and delicate barrel tile rooftops are the most complicated. If you have an old roof or a roof that is damaged, it is better idea to get a new roof installed first.

Just fill out IRS Form 5695. Essentially, you take the full cost of your solar power system, multiply by 0.30, and claim that as a tax credit (reduces your tax bill). Your accountant can help you with the details if necessary.