4 Convincing Reasons to go solar in 2018

4 Convincing Reasons to go solar in 2018

Top 4 reasons to go solar

With summer just around the corner and the annoyance of paying that higher summer electricity bill, homeowners are turning their attention more and more towards solar power. Not only is solar power more affordable these days, there are a number of other reasons to go solar. We selected the top 4 reasons to go solar to help make your life easier and keep you from staying up late at night searching online.

1. Reduce your Energy Bill

4th Degree Solar’s main goal is to help you reduce your energy bill and live a more independent life. If you’re a homeowner or business owner, electricity can make up a large portion of your expenses. By having a solar power system in place the amount of energy you use from your utility company drops significantly. As resources such as coal and natural gas rise, the cost of electricity will also rise. No one in the world has control over how much sunlight hits the planet daily, therefore solar power will always be free to consume. 

By going 100% solar, you become your own utility company and generate your own power.  You can even sell back to the grid you if overproduce! Even without going 100% you can still reduce a lot of your energy costs and rack up the savings over time.

2. Smart Investment

Solar panels are an investment – they provide you energy over their lifespan and in most cases, past the manufacturer’s warranty.  On average, a homeowner will pay off their solar system in 6 – 9 years. 4th Degree Solar offers a no-penalty early payback. This means you can choose to pay back your loan faster to save on interest rates while seeing an ROI over 20%.

3. Protect yourself against Inflating rates

One of the best benefits of going solar is your ability to hedge your existing utility rates.  Historically, residential electricity has gone up by an average of 4% per year. By investing in a solar system now, you can lock in your electricity rate and protect yourself from unpredictable rises in electricity rates. If your cash flow fluctuates often, going solar can help you better plan and forecast your expenses.  

4. Increase Your property value

Many studies have shown that homes with solar energy systems frequently have higher property values and are sold off the market faster than homes without solar. Residential Appraisers are more likely to take solar into consideration when they appraise and put a value on homes during a sale.  The demand for more homes equipped with solar has grown as homebuyers become more educated on solar and its benefits.

We often hear people say “solar power is the future” we tend to disagree, Solar is now! Not only will you be helping the environment by reducing the number of fossil fuels used to generate electricity, you will also be using the Earth’s strongest and oldest energy source in existence, the sun.

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Deciding to invest in solar power is a big decision. If you’d like to have a 1 on 1 with one of our solar power consultants and learn how you can save on your next electricity bill in Visalia or Tracy, contact us and we’ll get you set up with the right resources.